easyDNA Indonesia provides DNA paternity testing and other DNA testing.

DNA Testing in Indonesia starting from RP 4,380,000! Hasil analysis DNA yang cepat dan akurat

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DNA Testing in the Indonesia

EasyDNA Indonesia provides you with DNA testing that is completely confidential, affordable and accurate. Our team in Indonesia is on hand to assist you with your DNA test requirements. Our DNA testing laboratory has conducted over 300,000 test and is internationally accredited for your assurance and peace of mind. This means you will get a clear cut answer that you need quickly and with a company you can trust. Our test uses comprehensive genetic markers to maximize the accuracy of your results. Our team is available to assist you by phone or email. Contact us to discuss your case today!

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Why choose us

We offer affordable prices and fast results. All samples are tested in our ISO 17025 and AABB accredited laboratory. Your results will be ready in just 7-8 working days of your samples being received by the laboratory as we appreciate that quick results mean less stress and anxiety. Our tests are highly accurate with an accuracy level of up to 99.999% for paternity tests. Once you complete the order, your easy to use home DNA test kit will be sent out to the mailing address that you provide and received in just a few days, or you can arrange to pick it up directly from us. You can be rest assured that your privacy will be fully respected, and that your testing kit will be packaged discreetly.

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Quality is in our DNA. We maintain the highest levels with every DNA test to provide you with a service that is faultless.


With the highest, globally recognised accreditations, you can be assured that we’re operating to the highest standards in the industry.

Customer care

We are a reputable DNA company with a team ready to answer all your questions and assist you throughout the test process. We assure you efficiency and confidentiality.

How it works
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Our Tests

EasyDNA are specialists in Paternity testing for peace of mind and legal purposes. We also offer a wide range of tests including DNA Profiles, Relationship tests, Genetic Predisposition tests, Forensic DNA and Ancestry DNA testing. EasyDNA paternity tests provide results that are up to 99.99% accurate while our relationship tests willl help determine whether alleged relatives such as siblings, uncles/aunts, grandparents and their children are truly biologically related.

Your DNA Samples

Standard sample for most tests including paternity and relationship tests are oral swabs and samples can be very easily collected in the comfort of your home. Samples can be kept for quite some time if the instruction given on sample collection are followed correctly. We are also able to work on samples such as nail cutting, garments and toothbrushes. Our state-of-the-art genetic identification system are able to extract DNA and run tests on these and many other non-standard samples. The discreet DNA sample section has more information on other types of samples that can be used for testing.

We are focused on innovation

We constantly strive to improve our service and keep up to date with the latest developments in this area, so you always receive the highest quality of results. Our non invasive prenatal paternity test is a one-of–a-kind test that makes it clear who the daddy is with 0% risk at only 10 weeks of pregnancy. Through us, you have access to a whole range of relationship tests, forensic services, health and clinical tests and never need to go anywhere else. So what is it you need to know? Just tell us what you want to establish, provide us with your DNA samples and we will provide the answers.

We are here to help you

Are you biological relatives? Not knowing for certain can create a lot of stress and anxiety. We at easyDNA understand this and can help you find the answers you need with our relationship tests. Relationship tests will help you find the answers you need. These tests include analysis between grandparents and grandchildren, aunts/ uncles with their nieces or nephews and various tests that can be carried out between siblings including Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA testing. With a globally recognised ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation and a host of other external certificates, you can feel confident that you have made the right choice in choosing us.

Client Testimonials

“Thanks very much for all you’ve done.”
Australia, 7th January 2009
“I am very appreciated for your excellent service and wishing you a healthy ,happy , prosperous year , young and beatiful for ever”
Australia, 27th April 2009
“Thank you for getting the report back to me so quick. I really appreciate the extra effort and thank you for you best wishes.”
Australia, 2nd May 2009
“Now thing’s have settled down a little with me finding my biological father I would like to thank you so very very much for everything you have done to help us throughout our DNA testing process. We couldn’t of asked for a better service and we so appreciate everything you have done. It has taken [...]
Australia, 28th May 2009
“I just want to Thank You! you have made this extremely hard and difficult situation very easy and uncomplicated. Thank you once again.”
New Zealand, 9th June 2009
“I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all involved for an effortless and smooth service I have received from the team. I expected things to be more complicated than they were and I’m glad I chose easyDNA for handling my case with speed and clear polite communication. Thank you!”
United Kingdom, 11th June 2009
“Thanks for you prompt results”
United Kingdom, 15th September 2009
“Thank you so very much for your prompt reply to my enquiry. Our circumstances have been very tragic, and it has taken me quite some time to get my head around the full implications of this DNA result. Thank you again, the assistance you and EasyDNA have provided to my family has been invaluable, and [...]
Australia, 21st September 2009
“I have to say a very big thank-you to you guys for your sensitivity and level of service. Yes, we had received the results and they have finally put to rest any doubts so that we can all move forward now and love this little girl unreservedly.”
Australia, 25th September 2009
“Thank you so much for providing peace of mind for us.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed at this news!  What a wonderful service you have provided to this family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Canada, 15th October 2009
“Thank you Mandy and to easyDNA, for getting the results through so quickly!”
Australia, 27th October 2009
“Thank you for the email and the time you spent to listen & talk to me. Not being able to talk to anyone has been very hard and depressing, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.”
Australia, 3rd November 2009
“Many thanks for you email.  I can confirm that I received the results of the DNA twin test and that I was very pleased with the service that you provided.”
United Kingdom, 11th November 2009
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and prompt response.”
Ireland, 19th January 2010
“I cannot thank you enough for your understanding and efficient professional communication, you have been great to deal with. You are certainly a credit to the profession you are in and have a great insight into the sensitive nature of the test.”
Australia, 19th January 2010
“Its a relief and I’m so happy with your professional service your a credit to the industry.”
Ireland, 4th February 2010
“I am deeply grateful. The result is well worth the money spent. I won’t take up your time with all the reasons why I had doubts.  I was not the only one who had doubts. I have loved all three sons equally but this one has been the closest throughout our lives.  Of them all [...]
Australia, 5th February 2010
“Thank you for your email. Thank your company for the services you have provided for me and our family! I can not sing your praises enough! What an excellent company to deal with! Thank you once again for emailing me so early and putting all our minds at rest!”
United Kingdom, 23rd February 2010
“I would like to thank you for the manner in which you addressed my request and how easy the process was. Although confused by the initial results, Kathy and Andrew, the director, were very helpful in their response and the further testing that showed my fraternal twin and I were in fact born of the [...]
USA, 9th March 2010
“Thank  you guys, At last ……I am relieved now ! Now I can do everything for my kid without taking a second thought! Please keep up the good work! Cheers.”
South Africa, 18th March 2010
“Thank you so much for your help. The best money I have ever spent. You have provided a wonderful service and hopefully I will never need you again!”
Australia, 2nd April 2010
“I thank you for your email, although it is not the result I wanted to hear I sincerely thank you for the certainty we now have.”
New Zealand, 7th May 2010
“My experience with easyDNA was great all my questions were answered very quickly with information that was very valuable. I felt safe ordering the test on line and the results were easy to understand, I got a very good result for the difficult tests I needed. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.”
Australia, 15th May 2010
“Thank you for the results.  Even though we are very surprised by them and not what we expected, it’s good to know the truth once and for all.”
Canada, 22nd June 2010
“What a great Service, Thank you sooo much for getting back to us so quick and letting us know… Very Happy Customer…”
Australia, 13th August 2010
“easyDNA, I just wanna say thank you for everything. Good job and God bless.”
New Zealand, 27th August 2010
“Many thanks for all your help and support”
United Kingdom, 3rd September 2010
“Its been a little while since I received my DNA results, however, even thou it wasn’t the outcome I may of wanted, I’m very grateful for all the support via telephone and email. Many thanks for every thing and your company will be recommended to others.”
Canada, 16th September 2010
“Thank you very much…….you made my day and my year!”
Canada, 22nd September 2010
“Many, many thanks for your assistance and high standards of professionalism and constant updates. You have helped us more than you will ever know!”
South Africa, 18th October 2010
“Thank you for the results. Delighted they were processed so quickly and that they are brothers.  That’s after years of wondering – this should have been done years ago.”
Ireland, 26th October 2010
“Thanks for the prompt response.”
South Africa, 1st December 2010
“Dear easyDNA, I received the DNA result you posted to me and I have read and understand it. I thank your company very much for your quick response during the course of the test. Looking forward to do more business with you, thanks.”
South Africa, 2nd December 2010
“Services were all five star.”  
Australia, 9th February 2011
“My customer service representative, Kristy White, was very helpful, informative and professional. She also displayed compassion and sensitivity dealing with an emotional situation such as this. I greatly appreciated her help and the speediness of our test results (4 days early). I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any acquaintances.”  
Canada, 3rd March 2011
“Thank you so much for getting back to us in such a timely manner.  This takes off so much pressure and allows them to move on as a family.  Again thank you.”  
Canada, 11th March 2011
“I was very impressed with the whole process and glad to know there is something available at such a reasonable price for people to access.”  
Canada, 11th March 2011
“Thank you, I am very impressed with your efficiency, as you can imagine my clients are very anxious.”  
Australia, 15th March 2011
“Thanks so much for the final result. Now I can put to rest any thought contrary to the results. I will be very happy to recomment easyDNA in the future should any of my friends or co-workers require such services. Kind regards”  
Australia, 5th April 2011
“Awesome customer service! thanks for a great service.”  
Australia & New Zealand, 13th April 2011
“Thank you Vee you have been very helpful :)”  
Australia & New Zealand, 13th April 2011
“Thank-You for the mail,esp.early. I appreciate everything you have done to assist me in concluding this test. You have done more than I ever expected,bravo!! I will not try any further testing. I got the hair from my fathers wool hat. He hardly has hair at 93 !! Again, Thank-You for making the process easy..hence the [...]
USA, 26th April 2011
“Thank you for your quick response and excellent service. It is appreciated Have a great week”
New Zealand, 26th April 2011
“Thanks for excellent client service by your company”
Haiti, 29th April 2011
“I just wanted to write you a note to tell you thank you for all of your patience, understanding and kindness..   …I was reading over the correspondence between us this past few months and I took note of how well you handled my repetitive questions, and rambling.   You handled them with professionalism and dignity. I’m [...]
Canada, 13th May 2011
“A life changing email for a group of people. Thankyou so much.”
Canada, 16th May 2011
“Thank you very much & keep up the good work!”
South Africa, 20th May 2011
“you made it so easy very professional many thanks.”
Australia & New Zealand, 20th May 2011
“Thanks for your help I would just say please keep on doing your job, because as you say this is actually a peace of mind test.”
South Africa, 10th June 2011
“Hi Team, A big thank you to everyone for doing the DNA test.  This has made my life an easier one and now I can make up time with my Dad now, that sounds so weird. All the best keep up the great work.”
New Zealand, 22nd June 2011
“thank you easy dna for the excellent sercices provided. i can’t even begin to describe how greate i am, the staff is very professional and they also do follow ups. as a person who works at client oriented industry i learnt a lot from the consultan who was always icontact with me, giving me all [...]
South Africa, 25th June 2011
“Results came through sooner than expected. Thank you for helping me find my family.”  
Australia & New Zealand, 12th July 2011
“I appreciate very much, excellent service.  Best Regards”  
New Zealand, 21st July 2011
“It was my first experience, and with people willing to help u understand is great, so great overall service, thanks.”
Australia & New Zealand, 29th June 2011
“Thank you for a fantastic service – results received way before time, and everyone we dealt with along the way was extremely helpful and efficient.”
South Africa, 23rd August 2011
“I have been pleasantly surprised with the high standard of professionalism and prompt communication. My concerns seemed to be important and my case was dealt with sensitively. Even when I called the Auckland office, they were informatuve, friendly and re assured me (Was a difficult time for me). easyDNA is one of the few customer [...]
New Zealand, 02nd September 2011
“Your service is easy to access, you are expediant in processing requests and samples and dissemination of results is confidential and such results are distributed through means preferred by customers.”
South Africa, 05th September 2011
“Excellent customer service. All my questions were answered very promptly and clearly. Thank you very much.”  
Australia & New Zealand, 22nd September 2011
“What an awesome company! Thanks again so very much! I really appreciate it! Have a great day!”
Australia, 04th October 2011
“I was afraid my citizenship application could be delayed because of the DNA test, but  easyDNA has really exceeded my expectations!”
Australia, 06th November 2011
“You guys are doing a good job I must say. U helped me a lot. I am a witness to that.”
South Africa, 29th January 2014
“Thank you very much for the professional manner in which you have conducted the tests I had requested. The manner in which this delicate situation has been handle by your organisation has been second to none.”
Australia & New Zealand, 23rd April 2014
“Thanks so much for sending me the test result. I am very impressed with your prompt process. Thanks again for your time.”
Australia & New Zealand, 24th April 2014
“Thank You Erin, Michelle & Sonya in your professional manner in which you conducted this case. The result comes to no surprise to me as I could 100% guarantee the biological relationship with father & child.. Its a shame that the client decided to take this unnecessary approach in the first place after 9.5 yrs [...]
Australia & New Zealand, 29th May 2014
“Firstly thank you to you all for the service provided in getting my DNA testing underway. You make a good team. Secondly, thank you again for the swift response in finalizing my results. You don’t know how much time and effort had been put into getting this arrangement into place as it was ongoing for [...]
Australia & New Zealand, 25th June 2014
Good service.
Australia, 25th December 2014
Ich kann Sie nun weiter empfehlen!
Switzerland, 25th December 2014
ce sont des commentaires positifs. respect des delais. je suis tres satisfait
France, 26th December 2014
Je suis très satisfait de vos prestations. Je souhaite néanmoins être recontacté par un de vos collaborateurs étant donné que je ne maîtrise pas le vocabulaire scientifique. Je vous remercie du service qui m’a été apporté.
France , 29th December 2014
I would like to thank you and easyDNA staff on the fast and efficient service provided to us. The result came in much earlier than the due date. I emailed Ms Vivian Wong and thanked her for her efficiency in provided the fast result. She mentioned “we do understand the urgency of each report”. I [...]
Singapore , 2014
EasyDNA seemed the best option for me when searching for a paternity test online. They have offices in neighbouring countries and provided quick answers both by email and over the phone to my questions concerning price, method of testing and results delivery time. Their service was both friendly and business-like. The result itself is reassuringly [...]
Brunei , 2015
Customer service officer Caitlyn was very informative and helpful. Very happy with the service. I would recommend to anyone wishing to have a DNA test done. Thank you.
Australia, 9th February 2016
It was an easy process. I called up to ask about the test & to buy. The staff were very friendly & helpful.
Australia, 9th February 2016
I found the whole process very easy. The people I spoke with on the phone were very helpful and understanding. Thank you for your help. I would be happy to recommend you too my friends if needed.
Australia, 9th February 2016
I found dealing with your service to be easy and totally professional. The results although not what we expected were sent in the timeframe quoted. I thank you all.
Australia, 9th March 2016
You guys are very professional supportive and efficient despite being affordable. It’s not a nice feeling waiting on these kind of results  but the whole process went under way smoothly and quickly. Can’t thank you enough.
Australia, 11th March 2016
Very professional and supportive throughout the process. Results came days sooner than expected. I would recommend to anyone.
Australia, 16th March 2016
Great work. Keep up the excellent customer service people love dealing with kind courteous & respectful people.
Australia, 01st April 2016
All went very well but most appreciated was the actual acknowledgement that you had received the samples. Thanks.
New Zealand, 15th April 2016
I can not praise your staff highly enough and would recommend your service to everyone.
United Kingdom, 21st April 2016
The most friendliness professional & very helpful staff from start to finish. Highly recommend this fantastic company.
Australia, 09th September 2016
I spoke to Alicia and Gardrina (not sure in the spelling) and they were very helpful. Made my process much easier, with their support. Thank you for your support.
Australia, 22nd September 2016
Very satisfied
United Kingdom, 1st May 2017
Keep up the good job
United Kingdom, 1st May 2017
Quick and easy service thanks
United Kingdom, 1st May 2017
Great customer service representative with quick response time.
Australia, 1st May 2017
Thank you! You saved my life. I’m not the father! Very fast results came before the date said.
United States of America, 1st May 2017
Very satisfied! Even more thrilled that I received the results earlier than expected!
Canada, 4th November 2017
Thank you for fast results and excellent communication!
United States of America, 8th November 2017
The service was beyond my expectations, thank you!
South Africa, 16th December 2017
Results were very quick from the time of delivery to the lab. It only took 5 days and that was over the Christmas holidays!
Canada, 24th December 2017